Friday, 27 April 2012

Peter Tertzakian's ARC Energy Charts

ARC Energy Charts, produced and distributed - for free - each week, is among the most useful and timely sources of information about North America's energy industry.  The journal is largely the work of Peter Tertzakian, who serves as Chief Energy Economist of ARC Financial Corporation, and is the author of two highly-regarded books on energy-related issues.
Each edition, in the form of a PDF file, runs about a dozen pages, and includes:
  • A commentary summarizing recent trends and developments in the world of energy;
  • A table of statistics that includes year-to-date information on equity markets, and a variety of data on different grades of oil and natural gas;
  • A fascinating map that illustrates the North American natural gas grid;
  • An illustration of the investment, production costs and cash flows in the Canadian energy market, accompanied by related data;
  • About 50 charts that contain information about commodity price trends, currencies, differentials, inventories, consumption, rig counts, weather etc. 
In short, the journal provides a comprehensive range of data on North American energy.
As far as I can tell, most or all of the raw information is derived from other sources, but the journal is a handy way to get it in one place, and will save grateful readers from the hassle of collecting the data themselves.
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Update: As of mid-May 2012, Tertzakian began writing a regular column for the Globe and Mail.  His work can be found here.

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