Sunday, 20 January 2013

Calculated Risk

Investors searching for topical coverage of macroeconomic news ought to visit Calculated Risk, hosted by Bill McBride, a retired executive.  Fact-based and analytical, the blog covers most major economic data, with a focus on the US market.  Posts are timely, usually following official releases within a couple hours, often quicker.  The value-added comes in the form of placing data in its historical context, with the aid of simple long-term graphs.  In addition, many indicators are compared to other current data.  Though thorough, the posts are concise.

The blog pays careful attention to the US housing market, which closely correlates to the overall health of the American - and global - economy.  In fact, Calculated Risk was one of the few voices of alarm during the nearly decade-long housing bubble.  The crash may not have been so severe if more people had paid attention to historical rates of housing starts and household formation: for several years, housing starts were sharply higher than houses formed, and it should have been clear that eventually the hangover would match the party.  Although the blog covers other housing-related data, by highlighting those two simple numbers Calculated Risk was offering the public a great service, even if it went ignored.

Most of us were surprised by the intensity of the recent financial crisis; when the next one inevitably arrives, regular readers of Calculated Risk may not be caught entirely off-guard.

Another excellent resource on macroeconomics is the Rail Time Indicators report.

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